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A Guide to Styling Bold Socks - New Year, New Styles

Colorful socks are everywhere now! In fact, it’s no longer a trend but the norm. In recent years, socks have become the go-to accessory item for self-expression. Take a stroll down Wall Street, Silicon Valley, and just about every crowded commuter station and you will see some form of bold and expressive socks. More and more, companies are stocking bolder color palettes just to keep up with demand. They're paying close attention to the market's needs for fresh styles and color patterns. Retailers know this trend is here to stay. Moreover, for men, socks are the new neckties. For women, it’s like walking around with her favorite personal blanket, making her feel warm and fuzzy on the inside.



Now, of course, style is very subjective. However, if you’re new to this craze and you’re more on the timid side of wardrobe expression, then this guide was made just for you. If you don’t think socks are an important accessory to your outfit, then follow this guide and brace yourself for all the compliments you’re about to receive. For simplicity, we’ve kept the focus of this article on crew socks.


Continue reading for our top 3 tips for effortlessly rocking your bold statement socks.


1. What’s your statement?


Colorful socks should speak for themselves - hence, statement socks. There is no reason why your outfits should be getting into a shouting match. The rule of thumb is to keep it simple and allow your socks to be the extra splash of color and pattern your outfit deserves. Before getting dressed, pick out your socks and be sure to give the selection process a little attention -what statement are you making? For instance, are you just selecting based on color expression or, like some Emowa customers, cultural expression? If you’re someone who usually lets your current mood dictate your choices, switch it up and make a decision based on how you want to feel.


Let us walk you through it (see below).





2. When in doubt, keep it simple


Crazy socks require some taming.


If you follow us on Instagram, then you’ve probably heard our motto, “Styling Made Simple.” Grab a note pad and tape this next gem on this year's vision board: Crazy socks require some taming by introducing them to more subdued or solid colors. Identify no more than two colors on your socks to complement. Keeping the outfit patterns very minimal, or nonexistent, will surely make this process much simpler. Whether you’re looking to accessorize on a casual, semi-formal, or formal attire, this tip should be a golden rule to live by. This applies to both men and women.




3. The icing on the cake


“Any additional accessory…is like icing on the cake.”


To really bring your new style together, make sure to accessorize. If you look good, you’ll feel good. This extra attention to detail says something about how you value your appearance. Not only that, but oftentimes how people see you is how they treat you (this is not an argument for what’s right or wrong, so let's turn the PC down a notch). Exercise some respect in your outfit selection process and you’ll notice the difference it makes in the way you carry yourself. Here’s a very intriguing article from Science of People that speaks about the psychology of wardrobe selection and impressions.


Having any additional accessories to go with your socks or your attire is like icing on the cake! Go above and beyond by adding a scarf, pocket square, a hat, watch, bracelets, a necklace, rings, shades or sunglasses, and even a new scent (Yes! We’re counting perfumes, colognes, and body mists - let’s face it, what's the point in looking good without the smell-goods). If you have a unique taste and are looking to support independent designers, a one-stop shop like Wolf & Badger should be your first visit. If you’re an enthusiast of high-end and prominent designer brands, sites like MoraTREND will provide authentic luxury accessories, with flexible pricing options.


An outlet to express the best of your identity…”


Ultimately, socks give you an outlet to express the best of your identity, personality and interests wherever you go! This year, make a resolution to add some spice and personality to your outfit. Most colorful socks can be worn on any occasion. Just remember these guidelines and you’ll come across as a style guru. Looking for a place to do your socks shopping without all the complicated options? Start here, with our African print socks.


Here’s to embracing your new fun pair of socks!


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