About Us

Emowa (pronounced "Ee-Moe-Wa") comes from the Nigerian Yoruba phrase, "Eh ma moh wa," which means, "You Will Know Us." 


Inspired by Africa. Designed for Style. Here at Emowa, we embrace differences and encourage everyone to live bold and be known for not just what they do, but for who they truly are. We believe you should not have to abandon your true identity just to fit in. Designing socks inspired by symbolic cultural elements, Emowa socks represent a statement of self-expression, individuality, and cultural appreciation. We celebrate the bold ones, the brave ones, and the cultured ones.

With all of our designs, we’ve made sure to infuse a little boldness for everyone. Whether you’re a minimalist or a super expressionist, no matter your category, you’ll be sure to look…different. Step into Emowa socks and step boldly into the world.

Be Bold. Be Known.

Our Mission:

To inspire others to hold on to what makes them unique.

Our Vision:

To design and produce products for those who claim their presence.