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The Rise of Afrocentric Fashion in Mainstream Media



  • African pride is global. We are enlightening ourselves and accepting our history. 

  • Own a piece of that pride and feel closer to the motherland. A new wave of Africa is here - one that is seeing a continuous surge in influence in mainstream media and fashion.

  • What is Emowa’s role in the bigger picture? 


Spend a few minutes scrolling on Instagram and you’ll find a celebrity rocking something “Afrocentric”. This could be a full outfit, just a shirt,  or maybe even an accessory; inevitably, you’ll see someone famous wearing African inspired designs. Undoubtedly, with the rise of technology, particularly smartphones and social media, we are getting a renewed view of African culture. Long are the days where Africa was thought of as a jungle or where lions roam freely. Over the years, the question of whether it is a country or continent seems to have dwindled significantly. Today, particularly thanks to social media channels like Instagram, people are embracing the continent in a new way. Digging deeper into its history, cultural origins, and influences, being African or of African descent is something to be proud of. 

A new wave of Africa is here -one that is brimming with pride in African history, origins, and culture (food, art, music, etc). African musicians are now global, led by names like Wizkid and Burna Boy. When it comes to fashion and accessories, the market is growing fast. According to Euromonitor, Sub-Saharan Africa’s clothing and footwear market is currently worth over $31billion and growing double digits per year. Simply put, African and Afrocentric clothing is becoming more mainstream. The success of the clothing industry to mainstream acceptance can be credited to Africans in the diaspora gaining more knowledge about African history and using the clothing as an expression of understanding and awareness. Take, for example, the patterned dress and pants adorned by Beyonce in her music video, Spirit. The designer, a Senegalese native by the name of Sarah Diouf Tongoro, saw a dramatic increase in sales and interest in her designs afterward. Not to mention, African fashion is beautiful with varying styles to fit any occasion or look. 

Emowa is also playing a major role in the push for Afrocentrism and the promotion of African arts and culture. As a leading designer and producer of African print socks, we design socks for men and women that are not just beautiful accessories but also a new way of marketing Africa to the world. Emowa socks are not only fashionable but comfortable and durable. They are a great addition to any outfit, with varying materials such as our premium quality Egyptian cotton and combed cotton. The sock designs are inspired by African cultures, arts, and prints across the continent, like our Nwentoma - Kente, which is inspired by the prominent African textile, the kente cloth. It originates from the native land of the Akan, an ethnic group located in Southern Ghana. At the time of inception, the fabric was a royal and sacred cloth worn during important events and was known as the “cloth of kings”. The kente cloth inspired socks is just one of many Emowa socks elevating the African culture and providing our customers a new and refreshing way to embrace the Motherland.

Designing socks inspired by symbolic cultural elements in Africa. All socks aren’t created the same. Shop from our line of combed cotton and Egyptian cotton socks for both men and women. Refresh your wardrobe with some colorful African print dress socks and sport socks.

Emowa Socks is on a mission to spread awareness and promote respect for Africa and its diaspora to the world. Visit our products page to explore more of our items on sale and how each one sheds light on the beautiful continent.

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