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Inspired by the Kenyan flag, Harambee was released as a celebration of Kenya’s independence from British rule on December 12, 1963. Kenyans refer to this day as Jamhuri Day and it is one of the most important national holidays in Kenya. Jomo Kenyatta, one of the country’s freedom fighters in the struggle for independence in 1942, was sentenced to 7 years imprisonment. Upon release in 1962, he became Kenya’s first Prime Minister. In the following year, when the country became a Republic, he was elected as the first President.  The colors on the Kenyan flag are black, red, green, and white. In the middle of the flag is a shield motif. Black is a representation of the people, red for the blood shed during the fight for independence, green represents the country’s wealth and landscape, and white symbolizes peace. The shield motif is that of a traditional Maasai shield, which represents the protection of the Republic of Kenya. “Harambee” is a Swahili term that means “all for one."


  • Machine Wash in 40 °C / 104 °F.
  • Do not bleach or iron.
  • Socks last longer if kept out of the dryer.


  • 83% egyptian cotton, 14% lycra, 3% elastic
  • 200 Needle


  • Calf
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