Wendell Bullen

Name: Wendell Bullen
Instagram:  @kingkayakdanca
Country of Origin: Grenada
When we say BE KNOWN, we want you to be confident in who you are and what you bring to the table. We want you to be confident in your ability to impact the scene with your mere presence. We live in a world where most people are influenced or pressured based on the validation or reaction they'll receive from those watching. King Kayak was among the first to support our movement. From the moment he wore our socks he gave it life and provided us with the content and the vision that would allow us to change the game. His top credits include Janet Jackson, Hood Celebrityy, Neyo, Farrukko, NY Knicks, Redbull, and Reebok. He's got a heart of gold and a visionary mind that any brand, organization, or creative would be lucky to work with. The visionary that he is and the grit that he exudes to get it done makes us proud to call him an Emowan. Follow his page, @kingkayakdanca.  #morethansocks